Sushi 101

Sushi 101, the basics: The main types of sushi include nigiri sushi (small, hand-shaped pieces of sushi rice flavored with rice vinegar and sugar and topped by slices of raw or cooked fish); maki sushi (sushi rice and seafood or vegetables rolled in nori or seaweed); futomaki (larger rolls filled with a variety of ingredients) and chirashi sushi (sushi rice topped with sliced raw fish).  A bowl of chirashi sushi is an eyeful. Sliced to enhance its appearance, the colorful array of sashimi (raw fish) includes sake (salmon), maguro (tuna), hokkigai (red clam), tako (octopus) and hamachi (yellowtail) as well as the cooked kanikama (crab stick), ebi (shrimp) and tamago (omelet). The equivalent sashimi special comes with steamed, unflavored rice.  Sushi without raw fish, or as I like to say, sushi for the squeamish, is no less enjoyable.  To complement the meal, make yourself a cup of green tea from the ready supply of hot water and tea bags or try some saké. This rice wine, served warm or cold, is preferred warm in winter in Japan, but I’ll take it cold anytime.

M.J Pleasure